About Me

What might interest you ...............

Great joy in the sunshine

When it rains a little less;-)

Children drawings touch my heart

Growing up in Hoyerswerda (GDR)

Now I live in a village near by Hamburg in

a wonderful old farmer land

called "Altes Land"

I love to work with very old paper and glue

Technical college Cultural Studies

Distance Learning Promotional graphic studies

About My Work

About collages In the media, we see pictures every day. These pictures seem familar, because they correspond with our learned ways of seeing and perceiving. Doing collage, I want to make reality look foreign to us again. Every day experience shall strike the spectator as the extraordinary. Real things from real life will look aloof in collage. This is my opportunity to re-see the world and to make the subconscious visible. I work on and with old paper, mostly from antique books and magazines, which I buy on flea markets or at the antiquarian's. This is a quite economic way for me to do art.

About drawings The pen is holding the hand and letting it stay. Sometimes the lines are rounded, sometimes they remain rigid. The color flows through the trees like the wind. I let myself drift and allow everything. Not moreā€¦.